Amacol Ltd.

Amacol is focused on servicing the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, providing a range of business development, distribution and marketing services to leading international players in the Middle East and African markets.

International operations started in 1973, when the company invested heavily into the healthcare sector in Libya. Today, Amacol is a major player in providing such services to the markets to in North and sub-Sahara Africa, as well as the Gulf and Levant regions of the Middle East.

Forming part of the AM Mangion Group, Amacol is strategically located in Malta, within close proximity to our core markets, and is also supported by a strong network of partners throughout the region.

Our mission is to unlock selected markets in the Middle East and Africa by offering a range of services and commercial model which enables our customers to rapidly develop their business in these markets with minimal risk and up front investment.

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