Remedies Clinic

Remedies clinic is all about TEAMWORK and INNOVATION.

By working together our team of specialists will make use their extensive knowledge and tools collectively to diagnose and treat any type of injuries, diseases and conditions as fast as possible. Apart from preventing further deterioration and secondary complications, this framework provides the most cost-effective approach. The Specialised Clinical Set-ups of Remedies Clinic are like “one-stop-shops”. When the patients visit our clinic for a specific injury, disease or condition, all the necessary specialists and professionals will be readily available for them there and then. In this way the patients do not have to stay running around from one clinic to another, therefore reducing the costs and the waiting time while drastically improving the outcome of treatment. Our Multi-Disciplinary Teams are made up of a variety of distinguished medical, allied health and other health-related personnel that have been successfully treating the Maltese population for quite a number of years. There are also some other upcoming and promising professionals who together with the well-established consultants promise to work together to find the best solution for our clientele.

Our Vision: To provide a highly-effective and innovative service in the private health sector in the Maltese islands.

Our Mission: To establish a unique clinical approach through specialized multi-disciplinary teamwork and state-of-the-art equipment with the intention of providing prompt, accurate and successful assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for most injuries, health conditions and diseases while keeping our services as cost-effective as possible.

Our Values: Teamwork, innovative, efficiency, effectiveness, professionalism, accountability, evidence-based, compassionate, empathic, customer-focused, reliable.

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